Book club for one




Sooo, how was everyone’s weekend? As you may remember, I was in Atlanta over the past two days to celebrate my beloved Monica’s summer nuptials and am definitely feeling the pain today. Two 3 a.m. nights in a row just don’t sit well with me like they used to (read: HA! They never sat well with me). Fortunately, we had a great time so the loss of sleep was worth it.

Even though the flight to Atlanta is a quick two hours from NYC, it literally could’ve been five hour affair for all I cared, that’s how into the Divergent series I am. I saw the movie with my resident dinner and a show boo (thank god for you and your willingness to see almost anything, Allison) and, aside from falling completely in love with Shailene Woodley and Theo James, finally got the motivation to pick up the book. And can’t stop. What is it about these YA books that are so ridiculously thrilling?

Anyways, once I get off this sugar-coated tween bender, I’m back to the hard stuff. In addition to the growing stacks of “to-read” books already in my apartment (like The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), here are a few I’m dying to pick up:

Anything I missed from the list?

*Dream reading nooks via Pinterest


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