I’m normally not a resolutions kind of gal, but this year I’m (slightly) turning a new leaf. In 2014, I’m hoping to do two very attainable, realistic things that I’ve alluded for too long: learn to like mushrooms and take an online coding class.

Silly? Possibly. But I’ve said I’ve hated mushrooms and have wanted to learn code for years without actually giving either much of a shot. Conquering my dislike (or fear? I don’t really know what it is.) of mushrooms would absolutely thrill Eric, while having a better understanding of HTML code will be a great professional resume booster. Also, I’m kind of excited about coding–the nerd in me is dying to learn something new.

Some mushroomy recipes I’d like to try include Mushroom Chicken Noodle Soup (above), Mushroom Fontina Nachos, and Mac N Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms, courtesy of my favorite new blog (thanks, Kara!). As for coding classes, I’ve heard that both Codecademy and Girl Develop It are great online resources. But I’m certainly open to suggestions if you have any!

Some more resolution-y links:


*All images (except the mushroom chicken noodle soup) via Pinterest





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  3. Try mushroom risotto (even the storebought kind in a package)! That was how I weaned into mushrooms. Good luck!

    • Good tip, thanks Hannah! I was thinking that if I start by hiding them in things (like a delicious risotto or pasta) they won’t be so mushroom-y. Fingers crossed :)

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