Weekend Rewind

Seapoint beach 4

Happy Monday, dear friends… hope you all had a very nice weekend! Spring has officially sprung here in Ireland and I couldn’t be happier. I spent pretty much as much time outside as possible this weekend (even though it was still a little bit cold) as the sun was shining away. I’ve been saving as much money as possible, pinching my pennies as I will be in the US for a month this summer, so my weekends for the next few weeks will be very quiet.

Saturday night I made this delicious carbonara recipe and to my surprise and delight I didn’t screw up the eggs at all, then for dessert we had some tasty red wine sangria. The Six Nations rugby championship finished this weekend, with Ireland winning the championship for both male and female! So we spent Sunday night watching all of the matches. Then on Sunday I went on a long bike ride, after we sat outside drinking coffee and reading the papers, and finally we made pizza for dinner (ps. we cheated and bought premade, rolled out dough). So really a boring weekend, but very restful.

I didn’t really think to take pictures outside as I was just really enjoying the sun, but I did remember to grab my camera just before sunset when I went on a walk at a little place called Seapoint Beach, which is about a fifteen minute walk from our apartment. The next nice weekend I’m begging Frank to go paddle boarding with me here. So thought these photos would be way nicer to share than a photo of my couch ;)

Seapoint beach 1

Seapoint beach 3

Seapoint beach 2


Happy St Patrick’s Day – Part 2

For the second part of this Happy St Patrick’s Day post I’ll go through some of the latest Irish designers and some fun shops in Dublin. Click here if you missed the first part of the post, featuring food & drink and destinations.

Irish designers - I love, I need

There’s such lovely prints and artwork coming out of Ireland, and we’ve definitely blogged about them before both here and here. Lately I’ve been gravitating to some quirky prints, bright colors and fun to brighten up an otherwise dreary winter. Here’s a few new people to check out: Ursula Cerano, Aoife Dooley and Claudine O’Sullivan.

Irish shops - I love, I need

In Dublin there’s about a million and one quirky little shops you can find quality Irish goods. The great thing about this country, is that they really support their own and there’s a huge level of creativity here. There’s always some new designer or artist with lovely pieces coming out, which make great gifts to take back home. Lately I’ve been turning to the following few shops for presents to bring back that are different from the horrible green tourist shops. Here’s a few to check out: Jam Art Factory – for lovely Irish art prints, MoMuse – for simple yet beautiful jewelry, Designist – for quirky gifts, Article – for great cards and other paper products.

For another great shop to check out if you find yourself in Dublin, read on here.

Looking for more? We declare our love for Irish designer Orla Kiely here and more love for Irish clothing here, we talk about some Irish jewelry here and lovely Irish linen here.

I love I need: Matt Bernson


top row: left | right, middle row: left | right, bottom row: left | right

I’m trying to be a little more strategic with my spring shopping, focusing only on things I need and trying to pick items that will last me for longer than a single season. Enter: Matt Bernson’s sale and spring collections. My coworker’s feet have been looking amazing all winter (see: these boots) and when I asked her where she scores her footwear, she let me in on the Bernson secret. I picked up these D’Orsay flats (on super sale through their e-mail) last week and am counting down the minutes until they’re on my feet. Some of my other favorites from fall 2014 and spring 2015 are above.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

A very very happy St Patrick’s Day to you all! In honor of this very special holiday, we wanted to bring together a plethora of things that celebrate all things Irish. So in a few posts this week (Tuesday and Thursday) we’ll be featuring some new Irish beers, foods, destinations, designers, shops and all things Irish we can think of. We’ll also note other Irish-related posts we’ve done in our 4+ years of blogging if you’re hungry for more. So let’s get into it with part 1, food & drink and destinations:

Irish beer!

This weekend we went to the Irish beer & whiskey festival and we had such a great time. Last year I blogged about some of my favorite Irish beers, but I wanted to share a few new ones that are seriously tasty. The following are all Irish craft beers, so might not easily be found if you’re not in Ireland, but these are great ones to try if you make it over to the Emerald Isle sometime soon.

Here’s a selection of some of the festival highlights: Mountain Man Green Bullet, Kinnegar Scraggy Bay India pale ale, Dungarvan coffee and oatmeal stout, Wicklow Wolf American amber and Independent red ale.

Beer not really your thing? I posted my Irish coffee recipe last year which would be lovely on a chilly Saturday afternoon.

Irish food blogs!

I’m so not a cook at all (I burned onions yesterday… who does that?!) but it’s not stopping me from trying. I’ve been trying to cook my way through this book, but I am just truly failing at it. I so want to make this cake for the holiday but know it would just be horrible if I tried. But I still love reading all of the Irish foodie blogs, some of which I posted last year, but there’s a few new ones that I’ve been loving recently.

The Little Green Spoon describes itself as “the healthy Irish kitchen” and so many of her posts are gluten-free/veggie/vegan/etc. and are still really appetizing. Girl Eats Dublin offers reviews of restaurants around Dublin, giving her true and honest opinions about the latest hot spots. One Man’s Meat is a great one to pull some Paddy’s Day recipes from, especially this one and this one. Farmette is an American city girl who moved to the Irish country and shares recipes and stories from her farm.

When I move back home it will be tough for me, since grocery shopping is such a treat here. On any meat in the butcher/supermarket, you can see exactly where your meat comes from (which farm and everything) and the local produce here is so good, I mean Irish butter and dairy is so delicious.

Whenever I try to describe the whole “farm to table” concept, people in Ireland are like… what isn’t that just a restaurant? But Ireland is doing some innovative stuff all the time food-wise, from pop-ups to farmer’s markets, it’s hard not to spend all your money on whatever event is taking place.

Irish bucket list!

Okay, so this is hard to not make itself its own post, because in Ireland, even though it’s such a small country, there’s probably at least 100 places to see. Throughout the years we’ve been sharing lots of different places to see around Ireland (from when I studied abroad in Galway, to my move over to Dublin, to endless trips around the country, to Jess & Eric’s visit last year) so without bringing up the same old same old, I just wanted to share a few new-to-me places that are on my 2015 Irish bucket list (all sourced from this link here).

Weekend Rewind


Hope you all had lovely weekends! St. Paddy’s week is here, which means it’s our mom’s second favorite time of the year (next to her birthday, of course). We’ve had Lucy stateside the past few years to celebrate–which has been such a treat but is kind of funny considering she’s the one who actually lives in Ireland–but this year, we had to go it alone. Eric and I spent the weekend drinking Guinness and eating corned beef with my mom and surrogate moms (aka her wonderful friends) + significant others in Newtown and, while it wasn’t the same without our favorite Irish girl, we had fun nonetheless.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the kitchen preparing for my first-ever food challenge/diet/not sure what to call it: going vegan before six p.m. I’ve had tummy troubles for the past few years and haven’t been able to shake them (even with the intervention of doctors and nutritionists), so I think it’s finally time to start doing a little bit of elimination work to see if I can find out what’s bothering me. Monica and I have been having smoothies for breakfast during the month of March which has already helped limit my morning dairy consumption, so I’m hoping that this transition won’t be as painful as it seems. Lucy’s on board too, and we’ve been researching lots of good lunch recipes to keep us full throughout the day (+ some tasty snacks to try too). I’m not sure that we’ll be dropping lots of lbs in the process, but I’m excited to be eating better during the workday and hopefully get to the bottom of my GI issues. If anyone has any vegan recipes for us, I’m all ears!