Weekend Rewind

dc dublin rewind Weekend Rewind

Doesn’t the Monday before Thanksgiving absolutely stink (hence the “hate your job” shot, above)? Fortunately, we’ve got just a few days before a long holiday weekend and I’m rooting for us all to get through it nice and quickly.

My apologizes for ghosting over here last week … missing posts is something I’ve never done before but things got a little hectic and the week just slipped right out of my hands. Fortunately, Darwin and I got to spend the weekend in DC visiting Monica, her lovely hubby and her wonderful pup, Bialy. We also had a little high school reunion–featuring a certain New Yorker-turned Californian–Friday night, which was an especially nice treat considering that we’re all going to be scattered for the holidays.

On the other side of the pond, Lucy spent the weekend shopping around Dublin and packing for her trip stateside and I, for one, couldn’t have been happier to help her pack. She gets in tomorrow so we’re going to take the rest of the week off to finish up some work and spend some quality seester time together with the birthday girl.

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll catch you back here next week!

Passion Planner

Passion Planner Passion Planner

It may not be surprising to hear that Jess and I are huge fans of lists. I always have at least three to-do lists on the go and without them I’d be totally lost. You know those tests they make you take in school that tell you what type of learner you are? Well I’m totally a visual learner. If you tell me something I’m really likely to forget it, unless I write it down. In college if I had professor that didn’t lecture with accompanying slides, I had to really really focus to take in what they were saying. Talk radio goes over my head and I hate to say this but I struggle to pay attention to podcasts and the like.

So when I first saw this planner on kickstarter for the Passion Planner, I thought it was right up my alley. And Jess’ alley. And my best friend’s alley. And pretty much everyone in their twenties alley… which is exactly who is designed for. Looks like I’m not alone in wanting to share this project, as the original goal was $10,000 for this – they smashed this and raised over $425,000. Watch the video below:

Because the creator wishes she had a tool like this planner when she was lost, she’s made it as a free PDF to download if you share it on social media. If you send them a link or screenshot, they’ll email you a copy of the 2015 planner. Cool right? A great way to kick off the new year and get started on your goals.

That’s a wrap

Thats a wrap 10 gift wrapping ideas from I love I need Thats a wrap

I have to be honest with you all here. My favorite part of Christmas is not what you’d expect. Not that I don’t love the twinkly lights or the Christmas ads… my favorite is not the festive feeling and it’s not the peppermint bark (ok maybe that is a little bit), but it’s wrapping the gifts. I love wrapping presents and will always love laying on our living room floor making a huge mess (sorry, mom), with tape and paper scraps everywhere.

So in previous years around the blog I’ve posted some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas I’ve seen (like here and here) and this year should be no different. This year I might be a bit early (for some reason I’ve thought a lot about the gift wrapping and haven’t bought/thought of a single present yet!) but oh well. Here’s ten wonderful ideas I’ve seen recently to elevate your typical present under the tree.

  1. I love the pastel gift wrapping from DesignLove Fest 
  2. Instagram gift tags!!! This is amazing.
  3. Splatter paint gift wrap + a sprig of the tree, any reason to make a mess really.
  4. This simple kraft paper with a photo is a really nice idea.
  5. Really loving the bright green stripe of the paper + a big bow. But the real star of the show is the free downloadable gift tags.
  6. Chalkboard gift wrap gives you the freedom to doodle/write whatever you like
  7. This glitter idea is really cute – but I’m wondering about execution if you get glitter everywhere or not
  8. A big, pretty ribbon to wrap around a present… easy and simple yet pretty
  9. Can’t forget the simplest, a Christmas gift box
  10. And finally, loving this wonderful snowy gift wrapping 

And finally can we talk about one of my favorite ideas recently? A gift stash for when you’re stuck without a small present. Read about it on You Are My Fave.

Do Not Open

The prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 6 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 21 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 9 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 7 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 31 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 8 1024x799 Do Not OpenThe prettiest envelopes by Erik Marinovich 1 1024x799 Do Not Open
Have you ever seen a prettier envelope then this one? As part of a 250 envelope project, Do Not Open, tries to showcase the beauty and happiness that comes from lovely letters. Erik Marinovich, the creator of the project, describes it as:

Do Not Open is the personal project of Erik Marinovich, a letterer and designer based in San Francisco. Remember the feeling you’d get when a letter arrived from a pen pal or that girl you met at summer camp? Those were the good ole’ days, right? Lately, all you come home to is a pile of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.

These are nothing like your regular old mail and are totally inspiring. I love a good letter in the mail and you all know how much we love funny/random cards around here.  If you want to purchase a beautiful piece like above, for $250 you can order your very own personalised envelope/work of art.

But be aware (and I love how he phrases this) if you do order one: “While I know you want to art direct the crap out of this you can’t. Where’s the fun in that?! Each envelope is completely unique and you will be happily surprised with the styles of lettering chosen especially for you.”

Weekend Rewind

flickr fall1 Weekend Rewind

flickr fall2 Weekend Rewind

flickr fall3 Weekend Rewind

flickr fall4 Weekend Rewind

flickr fall5 Weekend Rewind

True life: I may or may not have had a little too much fun at the Packers bar yesterday to give you the weekend rundown you deserve (or at least have come to expect here on Mondays) so instead, I’d like to offer you some stunning Flickr photos of New York City in the fall* to keep you–aka me–feeling warm and fuzzy about the season as we stare down the barrel of a polar vortex heading our way tomorrow and Wednesday.

Hope you all had fun and relaxing weekends. And, on another note, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to our mom, the woman who taught us what Sunday Funday  is all about :) love you!

*Click on the picture to be taken directly to the image and user on Flickr.

Happy Moevember!

Happy birthday Moe e1415277385396 Happy Moevember!

For those of you who don’t know – it’s actually not November, but Moevember. And no we’re not talking about Movember, the holiday where a lot of dudes grow mustaches to raise money for men’s health (which is totally important by the way), but MOEvember. As in our very own mama, Moe Dev.

Today is her birthday (happy birthday, Mom!!!!) but we celebrate Moevember all month long. So we wanted to share what we’d put in a Moevember gift box if we had lots and lots of money and also because it’s gift giving season, and if you have someone really cool in your life – maybe you can get a few good ideas :)

  1. a pair of really fun pants
  2. a cute shade of nail polish, and half the fun is the name of the nail polish anyway
  3. her own to-go coffee mug, since anytime we’re home we steal/lose them
  4. funny card
  5. a cool bracelet to match other army candy she’s acquired over the years
  6. a fancy eyeshadow compact to highlight those blue eyes
  7. her favorite gum… I think she always has a pack on her at all times
  8. a pair of happy socks to make her smile
  9. a six-pack of her favorite beer
  10. a super fun pair of shoes that will still be quite comfortable
  11. a fancy 2015 planner to remind her of her fabulous European adventure
  12. and finally, a scarf to brighten up grey, chilly winter days

We cannot think of anyone who deserves a birthday month more (and she really does love her birthday) and we wish we were cheersing with you today. However, see ya next week when we can give you your birthday gifts and we can celebrate properly in person!