Oh you pretty things

I’ve been loving Pinterest lately for a very different reason than normal. For work I’m working on a cool branding project, which will involve a (hopefully) lovely packaging design. So I’ve been obsessing over beauty packaging, nice type and simple, clean design.

So I won’t share all my nerdy packaging inspiration (unless you’re interested in that kind of thing) but it’s totally reinvigorated my love of Pinterest and I have lots to share that I love and need. When you’re not coveting other people’s homes, parties, hair, beauty, etc. etc. it can be refreshing to just flick through looking for some inspiration. Here’s a few lovely things I’ve seen recently:

P.S. This song is now on repeat in my head ;)

Spring tunes

Spring tunes from lucyremitz on 8tracks Radio.

 Happy Friday good people!

We’ve had a week of splendid weather in Dublin but unfortunately it’s supposed to rain all weekend. So in work it’s been sunny outside but now when everyone is off the weather will be awful. Isn’t that the way it goes? Apparently on Monday it could snow! This weather man. The world I swear is gonna end soon.

Anyway, I’ve put together a few spring tunes so even if the weather is less than ideal, we can sit inside and pretend. But hopefully wherever you are it’s pleasantly warm and sunny, and you can sit outside listening to some happy tunes.

Have a great weekend!

Weekend Rewind

London 1

London 4

London 2

London 3

Towards the end of last week I spent less than two days in London. I went over for a work trip, so didn’t really get to do very much besides an evening walking around Soho and trying to eat as many delicious things as possible.

I love London so much, perhaps it was because the weather was gorgeous, but the city was just so alive! There was such a buzz in the air, with people out everywhere chatting, smiling and drinking. Again, I have to stress it was sunny, warm and lovely – so people were probably in a better mood just from that. But for me, it was such a breath of fresh air to get out of Dublin, as I realised I haven’t left Ireland since Christmas! Not that that’s a long time or anything, I just always feel better if I get out of this island for a little while.

My next trip won’t be until June when I head back home for a month (!!) so for now I’m counting down the days to actually travel for a bit of a vacation. This weekend I didn’t do much at all… just the very first swim of the year (it was freezing!) and a spur of the moment decision to re-pierce my nose (it was painful!). Here’s to a good week ahead and some nice spring weather wherever you are, xo.


We love: Fine Little Day

Fine Little DayHey, friends… A little bit of radio silence on the blog recently, as you know how life gets! Jess is off gallivanting in Texas (not jealous of her Austin trip or anything…) and I’ve still been battling a cold while working long hours.

Over on A Beautiful Mess, they did a round-up of lovely wallpaper, one of which was from this little Scandinavian shop Fine Little Day. I totally loved the print and wondered what other kinds of products they had in their shop.

I pulled out some of my favorites to share with you, which happened to be half pillows. What can I say, I just love a good accent pillow. Also how great is that wilderness print? I am swooning.


Spring strawberry treats

Strawberry love

I know, I know. Most people think of strawberries when getting close to June and summer, but I picked up a great punnet of strawberries over the weekend and just ate them fresh and they were heaven. Although I started thinking about how many tasty treats you could make with strawberries, and went on a massive hunt for some delicious sounding recipes. I turned to my fave food bloggers and they so did not disappoint. Even if you don’t have fresh strawberries in season where you are yet, I’m sure you will soon and you can eat some of these fabulous things.

Top Down


1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. | 8.

Fact: every time I embark on my semiannual closet clean up, I use it as an excuse to fill the newly empty hangers in said closet with a variety of new things. Is this both wrong and counterintuitive to the entire exercise? Possibly. But if treating yo-self with small cache of reasonably-priced items twice a year is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

This spring, I’m completely in love with drapey, loose-fitting tops. It all started with a t-shirt-blouse hybrid in navy–the color of the season for me–Stitch Fix sent me last month. Since then, I haven’t been able to keep my eyes (hands? mouse?) off of them. Thanks to Karoline, that wicked temptress, I wound up with about slew of similar tops from J.Crew Factory in my cart over the weekend and wound up pulling the trigger on a few ahead of our trip to Austin. Paired with skinnies or shorts and leather sandals or flats, I’m planning to wear these all spring and summer long.

Bonus: there’s still plenty on sale over at J.Crew, and with the code SPRING you can get 10% off $75 or 20% off $125+ … I’m not sure how long it lasts so strike while the iron/credit card’s hot!