Some songs to ease you into autumn

Let’s Eat Pumpkin Everything from lucyremitz on 8tracks Radio.

It’s time. Time for summer to ease away (if you haven’t felt it gone already) and transition into fall.

This time of year is always so great in some ways, but at the same time a little bittersweet. I think growing up in New England means that fall has a special spot in our hearts, with changing leaves, apple picking… it’s like you’re in an episode of Gilmore Girls (please tell me you’ve heard this good news). Luckily this year I’m heading home for Thanksgiving (!!!!!) which is by far my favorite holiday and I’m already counting down the days.

So I wanted to gather some tunes I’ve been listening to the past week or so, and am planning to have set aside some time this weekend to write out a little fall bucket list. I may or may not have already made pumpkin bread this past weekend… and it’s also a great reason to make this pumpkin soup!

You can buy the beautiful leaves print used as the cover photo over here on Etsy.

I love I need: Ireland Jewelry

enibas I love I need: Ireland Jewelry

What did we get the woman who has everything–aka our mother–from Ireland, you ask? A piece of jewelry of course.

We instantly fell for the delicate, beautiful pieces from Enibas Jewelry while shopping for her in Galway. Between the simple design and words of Irish–“Croí Álainn” meaning “beautiful heart” and “Do Shaol, Do Thuras” meaning “your life, your journey”–engraved in each piece, we knew a bracelet would match perfectly with her Galway ring. What I didn’t consider was wanting something from Enibas (like these studs perhaps?) so much myself! Next time …


I love, I need: Ireland Art

eoin oconnor ilove ineed I love, I need: Ireland Art

Even though we stuck pretty darn close to our Ireland travel budget (virtual high five, Luce!) throughout our trip, there were a few things in particular that caught my eye, some of which I’ve bookmarked for later and others I just couldn’t resist picking up. A print from Eoin (pronounced Owen–crazy, right?!) O’Connor fell into the latter category and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to bring home one of his quirky fine art prints. While I was torn between picking a print inspired by his landscapes or animal originals, I wound up with this fine fella, which seemed particularly fitting as we spent a large portion of our time in the car playing “rock or sheep.”

Read a bit more about Eoin, who lives in county Wicklow and has a gallery in Kinsale–one of my new favorite towns in Ireland–here.

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend we got lucky with some wonderful weather that it still felt like summer… which was fantastic. However I was hit with a slap of autumn as I left my house this morning and had to reach for my peacoat. It’s officially fall.
But I love our weekend rewinds because I can relive my last flash of summer. And without further ado, here’s a few snaps from the weekend, hope you had a great one x

img 2533 Weekend Rewind

img 2530 Weekend Rewind

img 2520 Weekend Rewind

img 2516 Weekend Rewind
PS. The last pic is of my new favorite non-alcoholic drink… Sparkling strawberry lemonade, seriously deelish. Will try to find a good recipe to share soon!

Week(end) Rewind

irish vacation Week(end) Rewind

How is it that our Ireland adventure is already over, you guys?! I wish the things we look forward to the most–weddings, vacations, birthdays–didn’t fly by in what seems like seconds.

We had such a fun week together exploring the Irish countryside, staying in some lovely places and eating and drinking much too much along the way. We’re taking the rest of the week to readjust to working/post-summer life (insert one million crying emojis here) but will be back next week with more details about our trip, complete with fun photos and a few I love, I need items we found along the way.

Hope you’re having a good week!

XO, us

Weekend Rewind

925357 333554516822112 1274089349 n Weekend Rewind

1738368 1471067886488374 35228538 n Weekend Rewind

Happy Labor Day, friends! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Jess was at lovely Monica’s wedding and I know she had a fabulous time. Congratulations Monica!!!!! I luckily had a lot of Americans to hang with as Penn State played UCF in Dublin. It was so much fun and I am so tired.

BUT even more excitingly there is some of my favorite people ever coming to visit this week – as Jess & Eric will touch down in Dublin first thing Wednesday morning!

And even MORE exciting is that it is time for us to announce our winner of the ASOS giveaway! Congratulations to Tara! We hope you get something fabulous.

winner Weekend Rewind


Thanks everyone to entered and playing along – hopefully we’ll have some more fun things in the next few months :)

Also we’re taking a much needed little vacation from I love, I need – so we’ll be back with regular posting from middle of next week!