Do you want to build a snowman?






You guys. The East Coast is getting some serious snow this week and even though we may be socked-in for the long haul (aka 24 hrs give or take how friendly my office is being about closing), I’ll still have to do some real-person work from home. But wouldn’t it be fun to imagine, just for a moment, about having a true snow day? Here are some things I’d do with mine:


  • I’m still dying to catch as many of Oscar best-picture nominees as possible, so I’d settle in with some popcorn and watch Boyhood followed by Whiplash (I’m all about that coming of age tale, apparently.)
  • Then I’d immediately follow it with my new favorite guilty pleasure, Empire, which is like Nashville gone hip-hop aka trashy and wonderful. And Taraji P.Henson is amazing.



  • There’s a shoe store in my neighborhood that sells Fiorentini + Baker boots, one of my ultimate I love, I need items. Even on sale, the black moto-style boots of my dreams are way, way out of my price range, so I’d use a Christmas gift card I’ve been sitting on to try and find a semi-comparable pair … perhaps these Steve Madden ones?

And lastly, no snow day of mine would be complete without taking my little snow pup for a long romp through the wilderness (or as close to it as we can get) in Prospect Park. Watching a dog go completely berserk in the snow just doesn’t get old.

What would you do with your snow day?

*Snowy images of Brooklyn via Flickr. Click on each photo to go directly to the photographer’s page.

Weekend Rewind

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Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I didn’t get up to all that much this weekend which was actually pretty nice. We went for a long drive on Saturday and Sunday we went to a trampoline gym, which was as strange as it sounds. I am so sore today, surprisingly!

Above is a few snaps from around Dublin and near where I live (a 15-minute train ride away from the city centre). There’s been some gorgeous flowers at the store recently so I picked up those orange lilies and they’re making me so happy. The photo next to that is actually my local commuter train station, but it kind of looks like a cruise ship I thought! Below that to the left is a picture of the town next to ours, called Dun Laoghaire. Next to that photo is a sweet little gate I found walking around Dublin one day.

Hopefully you had a nice weekend and if you’re on the east coast in the states good luck with the big storm coming up… stay safe!

Photo Finish


hair pins | cardigan | bracelet | dress | shoes | bag

If you haven’t guessed it by this picture (taken in Hawaii last year), it is around the time of the year that I start dreaming about longer, warmer days and a world without sleeping bag-style coats and icy sidewalks. We’re supposed to get our first serious snow of the season tomorrow, so I’m going to batten down the hatches and settle in with some hot chocolate, a Blue Apron recipe and a new show–I’m thinking it’s high time I check out The Wire but if you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

We love: The Sill

The Sill
I can’t remember how I came across this website, but I am loving this idea so much that I wanted to share with you, even though it’s only available in New York. A company called The Sill, believes that plants make people happy and brighten any space. Their mission is to bridge the gap between people and plants – offering products to fit personal style, lifestyle and budget.

So they’re bringing plants to the people of New York City. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried carrying plants (not flowers, actual plants) throughout a busy city (on the subway, without a car) and it is damn difficult. I have a lovely boyfriend who I make drive me to garden centers, etc., but what do you do if you can’t get access to a car? Do you really want to carry a potted plant around (especially if you’re prone to tripping?). So these guys will deliver to you for free. They also boast “The Sill Plant Promise” so even if you don’t have a green thumb, your plants are guaranteed. While I’m jealous they’re not in Dublin, I think it’s a great idea for a service and what a nice gift for a friend or a coworker, too. Here’s a few of my favorites:

The Sill3 The Sill4

The Sill5 The Sill 7

The Sill2

Should Your Birthplace Determine Your Future?



My office space, the Chelsea Market, is at it again with their amazingly curated art. This time, they’re featuring the work of Tim Hans and his collection of photographs called Ubuntu, or “Should Your Birthplace Determine Your Future?” For the series, Hans asked children enrolled in early childhood development programs about their aspirations for the future. He then brought these dreams to life by photographing the children in front of their homes. Says the Ubuntu Education Fund, “in these images, we vividly see the stark contrast between the impoverished community in which these children live, and their high hopes for a future bursting with opportunity.”

Don’t these kids just make you smile and feel hopeful? They’ve been such a delight to look at each morning and I’m glad to have learned about this foundation, which is changing the lives of children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Learn more about it here.

Link Loving

This girl can

While most of you in the US were snuggling in your cozy bed yesterday and having a nice holiday, us in other parts of the world were at work, but I hope you had a wonderful day off.

I’ve had a few good links that I’m dying to share (especially the first one, please watch it it’s so great!). Thought it might be a perfect way to kill off the back to work blues for you after a (hopefully) lovely long weekend: