Stand by Your Man



Hey, men–and the women who shop for them! Jack Spade is not joking around with their spring collection, so you should probably check it out. Even though things are a little pricey (as is typical of a true I love, I need item), many of these clothes, accessories and bags could be the perfect fit for your man’s Easter basket or a nice Father’s Day gift.

While we’re on the subject of men, has anyone read this article in The Atlantic called The Confidence Gap? Katty Kay and Claire Shipman are on a mission to make sure women feel just as empowered as their male counterparts (even if they don’t feel qualified) and I’m completely on board with it. It’s a long read, but if you hunker down with a cup of tea I bet you’ll learn something.

Who’s that girl? x2

Zooey x Tommy 9

YOU GUYS. The day is finally here. Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with Zooey Deschanel and we have been waiting for this day since we first heard.

We’ve been over the moon about Miss Zooey since Elf, since Failure to Launch (not a great movie, but love her in it), 500 Days of Summer, and now her very own own New Girl.

But let’s talk about this collection. Jess and I spent a good hour on gchat yesterday trying to determine which one was our favorite/which to buy and it was nearly impossible. Zooey looks so cute in every picture and how can you pick a favorite?

Anyway, here’s our top picks of dresses from the collection, but check out everything here.

Zooey x Tommy 1 Zooey x Tommy 2 Zooey x Tommy 3 Zooey x Tommy 4 Zooey x Tommy 5 Zooey x Tommy 6 Zooey x Tommy 7 Zooey x Tommy 8

Staycation’s all I ever wanted


After a big weekend in Atlanta and a crazy-busy summer looming just ahead, I’ve been secretly thrilled at the idea of taking a New York City staycation sometime soon. Siobhan reignited the idea yesterday (she’s doing a Philly staycation this upcoming weekend with her boo) and now I’m obsessed with the idea of spending a full 24–or maybe 48?!–hours just enjoying the city. Even though my NYC bucket list is still about a mile long, I like to think I’d blend my staycation with a mix of things I’ve always wanted to do and things I’ve also loved doing. Among them:

  • A night in a fancy hotel, like The Jane or the Wythe, which would feel positively decadent considering my apartment is mere miles away.
  • A visit to my favorite brunch spot, followed by drinks on my favorite pier and dinner at a place I’ve wanted to try since I fell in love with watching Top  Chef (and my favorite chef, Eric), wd~50.
  • A stop at the Guggenheim and followed by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden–two places I’ve shockingly never been to but am dying to visit.
  • Some fun activities like taking a trapeze class and spending an afternoon enjoying the sun and surf on Rockaway Beach.

Have you ever tried a staycation?

*Images via my iPhone over the past few years. There’s nothing like a bright, sunny day in NYC.

Book club for one




Sooo, how was everyone’s weekend? As you may remember, I was in Atlanta over the past two days to celebrate my beloved Monica’s summer nuptials and am definitely feeling the pain today. Two 3 a.m. nights in a row just don’t sit well with me like they used to (read: HA! They never sat well with me). Fortunately, we had a great time so the loss of sleep was worth it.

Even though the flight to Atlanta is a quick two hours from NYC, it literally could’ve been five hour affair for all I cared, that’s how into the Divergent series I am. I saw the movie with my resident dinner and a show boo (thank god for you and your willingness to see almost anything, Allison) and, aside from falling completely in love with Shailene Woodley and Theo James, finally got the motivation to pick up the book. And can’t stop. What is it about these YA books that are so ridiculously thrilling?

Anyways, once I get off this sugar-coated tween bender, I’m back to the hard stuff. In addition to the growing stacks of “to-read” books already in my apartment (like The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks), here are a few I’m dying to pick up:

Anything I missed from the list?

*Dream reading nooks via Pinterest

Weekend Rewind

Blackrock life - I love, I needSomehow it always seems to be Sunday afternoon – but yesterday we were in luck.

You’re probably not surprised to hear me say the weather in Ireland is awful. Everyone knows it rains here like all the time and there are way more than 50 shades of gray, as the sky is in a perpetual state of gray. However, when the weather is nice in Ireland… the place just shines. You start to understand the Irish humor a lot on days like these, because it’s like why would I ever live in this miserable weather place? Oh yeah, for the 2 days a year that the weather is wonderful.

Sunday afternoon was perfect. I swear I thought about that part in Miss Congeniality when she’s like, describe your perfect date? April 26th, all you need is a light jacket! Anyway, I spent the day shopping for my best friend’s upcoming wedding, going from craft store to craft store (pretty much my favorite way to spend time besides eating pizza). We then went for a lovely walk in the park playing with other people’s dogs and soaking in the sun while we could. When we got home I started watching Game of Thrones, which I know will make Jess happy.

So here’s a few photos of yesterday… I’m not going to tell you about the rest of my weekend because I literally did not.a.thing. Saturday I didn’t even leave the house! It was awesome.

Crafting! - I love, I needThe end result of my shopping yesterday. The cheapest items were the heart tissues, but they’re also my favorite.

Dublin - I love, I needDublin looking well in the sun. Raining, let’s get pints! Sunny, let’s get pints!

Sunday afternoon - I love, I needWe spent a good bit of time at the bookstore in our local shopping center. I realized I’ve never read Gulliver’s Travels! So I got it for €3, score.

Sunday afternoon2 - I love, I needFinally some signs of spring in the trees.

Fancy drinks - I love, I needMy other favorite shop purchase, perfect for outdoor drinking on the patio.