Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

nordstrom iloveineed Cant Stop Wont Stop


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If you haven’t heard the word on the street by now, listen up. Nordstrom’s anniversary sale is happening now through August 2nd and it is legit. I sorted through some of the top sellers so far and none of them disappoint. Here’s just a small list of the items I love, need–and wish were in my closet for fall–from the sale. I’m particularly pining over these Frye boots (shock and surprise) and this Marc Jacobs bag. What’s on your early-fall wish list?


pinteresting Pinteresting


Hi guys sorry for the late post today but that is life! Finally got a chance to get blogging today so better late than never :)

Lately I’ve been spending some free time on Pinterest and have found so many things that make me smile. I only noticed after rounding these up everything is really soft, pastel colors and I just love it. So without further ado…

  1. who doesn’t love a good flannel
  2. I need these in my life: bourbon aged stout floats
  3. a little reminder for this Tuesday
  4. dark chocolate dipped sugar cones… mmmm
  5. my new favorite blog (love & lemons) with a beautiful dinner party
  6. classic mint juleps in the prettiest vintage cup
  7. this cake would be almost too nice looking to eat
  8. a moment with (wo)man’s best friend
  9. gingham is back!



ilin InstaLove

I don’t know about you but I go through phases with Instagram. I mean I love it always and some weeks I find I’m checking it all day every day and uploading lots. But then other times I go for a week without posting and only check the feed every other day.

Recently, I’ve been addicted – checking first when I wake up until I go to bed at night. I think it’s because people are posting such sunny, happy photos. So let’s share the InstaLove and here’s a few of my new favorite users:

fvonf InstaLove


I’m a huge fan of Freunde von Freunden’s  site, as they interview people all over the world who lead really interesting lives. Their Instragram feed is a really nice little view into a bit of behind the scenes, travel and the people who they feature.

mnswick InstaLove

I only spent four short years in Charleston for college, but it’s strange how homesick of the city I become. (Does anyone else feel this way with their “collegehometown?”) But Mark Swick’s Instafeed offers such colorful, bright photos of the Holy City it allows me to pretend I’m spending an afternoon strolling down the cobblestone streets.

annariflebond InstaLove

Some of my favorite people to follow are those who own stationery/design/paper companies, because the everyday little things they post are always so styled and beautiful. As we’re longtime fans of Rifle Paper Co., Anna’s feed does not disappoint, with little back scene glimpses into new products or just photos of her every day life that are so lovely.

kylieturley InstaLove

It’s no surprise that photographer & videographer Kylie Turley’s instagram feed is amazing. She also seems like one of the really laid back, cool girls from high school who surfs and goes camping, that all the guys were friends with. Anyway, she’s got some lovely photos to share.

laurejolet InstaLove

One more photographer to share (they do really make the best Instagrammers) Laure Joliet. Her feed is so calm and every shot has the lighting so perfectly set.

food52 InstaLove

If you read I love, I need you know we (ok, mostly me) are big Food52 fans. I only recently followed them on Instagram, and no surprise here, their feed is beautiful. Don’t scroll hungry though – you’ll regret it, and seriously want some cherry cobbler.

megangilger InstaLove

Megan Gilger’s feed is an inspiring look into behind the scenes blogger every day life. No coincidence that today I’m wearing the shirt in the above photo. Madewell’s boyfriend shirts rule.


Who are your favorite Instagram users?

Weekend Rewind

upstate weekend rewind Weekend Rewind

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend filled with hiking, drinking and homemade photo booths, because that’s exactly what I had and it was pretty much perfect.

Lisa, the last of my wonderful study abroad girls, is getting hitched in October and invited 16 of her nearest and dearest to spend the weekend upstate in an awesome rental home with her. We hot tubbed, explored ice caves at Sam’s Point Preserve, worked on some crafting projects for the big day inspired by Lisa’s amazing Pinterest account, drank sangria and went to bed entirely too early (which we all know I love). Lisa’s friends from home are also really into DIY photo booths, which proved to be the highlight of the weekend. We used Lisa’s nice digital camera, a tripod and a remote to take a slew of photo booth-style pictures then each got a single polaroid (using a Tazmanian Devil camera circa 1998ish) with the bride-to-be and decorated a scrapbook page around it. Of course, I now want a fancy SLR camera like hers for the express purpose of creating my own photo booth from now until … well, forever.

Sidebar: how awesome are photo streams?! They are so perfect for sharing photos from weekends like these, especially when I don’t take nearly enough photos for a fun weekend rewind post (whoops). Thank god these girls contributed to the stream so quickly!

Photo Finish

PhotoFinish Photo Finish 1: Top | 2: Wedges | 3: Suit | 4: Sunnies |  5: Skirt Happy, happy Friday friends! I’m just about to head out from work and go enjoy this beautiful summer, day. There will be time for the beach tomorrow (yay!) and lots of rest in relaxation. This photo is from the other evening, just a 15-minute walk from my apartment. The perfect, summer night. So here’s a few summer pieces that would liven up any wardrobe :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Paste Eater

paste iloveineed Paste Eater

Our final stop on this completely impromptu week covering my favorite photos and prints seen recently at the Chelsea Market comes from Paste, another vendor I found at the ID Pop Shop a few weeks ago. Designer Jason Laurits has, in my mind, mastered the art of creating pieces that are whimsical yet completely engrossing and I particularly like the idea of this parachute print finding its way into my office for those days when I need something to make me smile (or to keep me from hitting my very own ejector seat).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little art and print tour and, if you buy anything, let me know what you pick up so that I can be appropriately jealous.