Paste Eater

paste iloveineed Paste Eater

Our final stop on this completely impromptu week covering my favorite photos and prints seen recently at the Chelsea Market comes from Paste, another vendor I found at the ID Pop Shop a few weeks ago. Designer Jason Laurits has, in my mind, mastered the art of creating pieces that are whimsical yet completely engrossing and I particularly like the idea of this parachute print finding its way into my office for those days when I need something to make me smile (or to keep me from hitting my very own ejector seat).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little art and print tour and, if you buy anything, let me know what you pick up so that I can be appropriately jealous.

These cards

Card 1 These cards

If you got this card in the mail, you would be a little confused yes?

Well, when you open it up, you get an entirely different message….

card 1.1 These cards

How clever is that? At first glance, these greeting cards by FINCHandHARE seem unnecessarily rude. But when you open the card up, it’s actually the opposite of what the front tells you. The sentiments are all quite sweet and charming.

These cards made me smile so much and I wanted to share with you. I can just imagine sending these to my mom, who hates surprises. But it’s a nice little surprise that would definitely brighten up someone’s day :)

card 3 These cards

card 3.3 These cards

card 21 These cards

card 2.2 These cards

card 4 These cards

card 4.4 These cards

Rock Lobstah

rock paper1 Rock Lobstah

rock paper2 Rock Lobstah

rock paper3 Rock Lobstah

rock paper4 Rock Lobstah

rock paper5 Rock Lobstah

rock paper6 Rock Lobstah

rock paper7 Rock Lobstah

I don’t know if it’s just me feeling extra art-y this week or if the Chelsea Market is killing it with this season’s installation of photos and pop up shops, but I may have to spend the entire week talking about cool prints. You in?

Rock Paper Photo has taken over downstairs and I am completely okay with it. The shots of these iconic, beyond-legendary stars make me feel more cool and glamorous just by looking at them and have definitely made my walk into the office more entertaining and fun than normal. It’s been such a treat to find new favorite photos hidden around the market in the quiet morning hours (before the crush of people makes it hard to stop for even a minute and look) and try to name the stars in each shot without having to look at the caption. I especially love this last shot of the Beatles. What I wouldn’t do for the ability to be able to go back in time for just a week or two and see these groups at the height of their mania …

Up in arms

two arms iloveineed Up in arms

Last week, my office (aka the Chelsea Market) had a weeklong popup shop that I tried my very best to avoid … until I totally caved and went in. All of the vendors were pretty fantastic, but I particularly fell for the work of Two Arms Inc. The New Yorker in me desperately wants to cover my walls with these posters but also loves their drink coasters and  greeting cards. I don’t think I’ll ever get over seeing all of the creative and wonderful ways that this city inspires people. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Rewind

MG 1349 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

Since the start of this summer I have been feeling so tired. Not sure what it is, perhaps it’s longer days with more to do, being outside often or just because, but by 11 every night I am exhausted and crawl into bed.

It’s been making weekends very quiet and sleepy. Resting as much as possible and way too much Netflix than I’d care to admit. This weekend was more of the same, except on Friday I got to go to my favorite burger spot in Dublin, followed by an outdoor pint which I just love. Saturday was more of the same, with a little bbq in our apartment complex for the residents, which was a nice activity.

Sunday, I woke up seriously tired again and realized I gotta get out of this rut! Frank kindly offered (or maybe I forced him) to take a drive over to Wicklow, to see a little part of the country I’ve never been to before, the Blessington Lakes area.

The weather was overcast and grey but I didn’t care. It was so great to get out of the city and get a little more green into our lives. Coming back yesterday afternoon to Dublin I felt so much better. Sometimes open spaces can wake you up and make such a difference. Anyway, I got some great pictures from the day.

Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

MG 1351 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1356 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1361 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1366 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1378 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1404 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1410 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1413 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

MG 1419 1024x682 Weekend Rewind

Photo Finish

coffee Photo Finish


1. | 2. | 3. | 4. | 5. | 6. | 7. 

I feel like I was channeling my inner Keira Knightly a la Begin Again when putting together this outfit with items from the very fun (and very affordable!) Mango, specifically these loose-fitting trousers. I’m not entirely sure that this particular style of pants suits everyone (ahem, me) but Keira’s character looked downright adorable romping all over Manhattan wearing big ‘ol pants, skinny little belts and breezy tops in the movie–which I definitely recommend seeing.  And the girl’s got a voice! Who the heck knew. Oh, and a little someone named Adam Levine also happens to be in the movie, if the whole baggy pants thing hasn’t got you completely convinced to check it out :)

Hope you’ve got some fun plans on deck for the weekend–I’m spending it in the great state of Wisconsin bar-hopping, boating and hanging with my dad. We’re also headed to Chicago for an afternoon and making a pit stop at Stephanie Izard’s Little Goat Diner and I cannot wait. If there’s anything else I should be doing in Chicago, let me know!