Looks We Love: Madewell

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Cuffed jeans, loose-fitting tops, stripes, casual shoes and, of course, crinkly hair … Is there anything else in this world that shouts spring more than the gorgeous looks from Madewell? I’ve been spending the week clicking around the site and instantly fell for nearly everything in the “looks we love” section. I’ll take one of everything, please, particularly this crop tee (I’ve wanted one for months), these Vans and these shorts, not that I’ll be able to wear them anytime soon …

We love: Food blogs

we love food blogs

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Continuing on through a healthy and tasty 2015, I’ve been totally immersed in new (to me) food blogs lately. You know you find a good blog when you realize it’s been like three hours on the same site and you’re on page 27. I’ve found a couple recently that not only have delicious looking recipes, but the authors have such wonderful character and tone of voice in their own ways that it makes you want to read not just the recipe but a little bit about their life too. I totally appreciate honesty in a blog, because for some reason it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one out there who sometimes resorts to cheese and crackers for dinner.

So I wanted to share a few favorites I’ve found recently and have been gchatting Jess about constantly:

my name is yeh

First up is My Name Is Yeh! I swear each post is more charming than the next and she makes living on a farm look so incredibly cool. One of my goals this year is to learn to cook a few Asian-inspired recipes, considering I cannot cook anything other than a stir-fry. Molly the lovely lady behind the blog, has Chinese and Jewish roots, which result in interesting, tasty recipes that are shot in such beautiful ways. A few recipes I really can’t wait to try: bacon & egg drop soupbrisket tacos, St. Patrick’s Day green bagels and funfetti biscotti.

not without salt

Another great blog I’ve been reading and trying out recipes from is Not Without Salt. Her food photography is just stunning and makes me want to eat things I’d never ever normally try. I’m a pretty picky eater and I’ve been trying to get better and more adventurous, so if my food looked even a quarter as good as hers, I would be willing to try a lot more. A few recipes: these gorgeous cream-filled doughnuts, white chocolate peppermint cookies, and this spicy garlic dip.

i am a food blog

I Am A Food Blog is quirky and wonderful and I am totally loving it. Their tagline is ‘Celebrating the awesomeness of food’ and it suits its theme perfectly. She has the ability to put together different types of food that I love that I would never ever think go together, but they seem like they could totally could. I’m slightly terrified but genuinely excited to try this macaroni & cheese pie. A few other recipes: mini lasagna cups, coconut french toast, and this egg & turkey banh mi.

love and lemons

Love and Lemons is one of those blogs that I can just read and read and read. The layout is perfect, the font is ideal and I can absolutely get on board with looking at the pretty pictures. This one is definitely aspirational for me in terms of healthiness levels, as I’m just not ready for butternut squash, kale and quinoa stew, I mean I only just learned how to pronounce quinoay. A few recipes I hope to try later this year (when I finally feel ready): pear & arugula chickpea salad, green quesadillas and crispy pesto baked zucchini.

We’d love to know… What are your favorite food blogs?

Wanderlust 2K15







It’s that time of year again, folks. When I just can’t stand another second of the cold and feel like I’m going to lose it if I can’t go for a run outside (without 900 layers and the threat of black ice everywhere), I start dreaming of all the wonderful, warm places around the world. It may be a touch masochistic of me, but I swear I feel warmer–and better–just looking at pictures of beaches. Here’s a small sampling of the places I’ve added to my bucket list lately:

  • Tulum, where I can spend a week seeing town from the back of a bicycle and napping in a beach-side hammock.
  • The Greek island of Ikaria, where I can learn the secrets of people who live the longest (my guess is that they include sunshine and wine).
  • Chile, which made Travel + Leisure’s list of best places to travel in 2015, and has a new food and wine festival I can check out (this year’s is in September).
  • Procida, Italy, where I can get to know the locals and sample tons of fresh seafood.
  • Costa Rica, where I can rent a house with friends like the Beautiful Mess girls or book a yoga and meditation retreat.
  • Austin, where I haven’t been in years and just booked a trip to with Eric in April (!). GQ made an awesome city guide of the area and I can’t wait to start making plans for when we’re there.
*Images via Flickr. Click on each picture to see more from each photographer.

Weekend links

Friday links

Hello dear friends and a very happy almost weekend to you. This week was my first week back in the gym in a while, where I went to classes literally ass class, pump & sculpt and body booty camp. I hobbled around work every day and was straight up snoring on the couch by 9 every night.

So here’s to a relaxing weekend with absolutely nothing planned, as a weekend away trip got cancelled last minute, I have not a thing on the agenda other than baking, sleeping in, cleaning and Netflix binges. Also I’m not even into bloody Mary’s but hello, look at that bloody/grilled cheese ideal brunch cocktail above, doesn’t that just scream Sunday?!

To get you through the last hours of your day ’til the weekend, here’s a few things around the web worth sharing:

This watercolor cake is to die for. I totally want to make a greenish version for St. Paddy’s day coming up

A simple bangle that I’m totally coveting

The picture I’m bringing into the salon for my next hair cut

Blood orange bourbon cocktails… yes please

Love this: 32 signs your boyfriend is Andy Dwyer

Because I’m all about these braids

Attention: everything bagel cheese!!!!

The prettiest wedding invitations

A place in Ireland I’d love to find time for a trip to

This dress totally screams summer (and I just love it)

Have a great weekend everyone, xo


Rings & Things: Rose Gold



I definitely go through phases with jewelry. Sometimes I am all about big bold statement necklaces with a plain t-shirt, or dangle earrings with a nice dress, but really for the everyday I tend to wear simple stud earrings, thin rings and dainty shape necklaces. This is much easier to remember but sometimes probably is a little too simple.

Most of my jewelry would be silver or gold, and I love rose gold, but I either don’t really think about it or it tends to be much more expensive than the other color options. But I love the elegance rose gold offers and think it might elevate my daily jewelry wears.

Luckily, I got an email from BaubleBar alerting me to their new rose gold collection, and I’m totally loving what I’m seeing, so I picked out my favorites to share with you. The best news is the most expensive piece above is just $42, so it’s an affordable way to put your toes in the rose gold water. Check out the collection here.

*Looking for more jewelry ideas? See more on our rings & things Pinterest board.


Chop chop


Hi gang, hope you’re having a nice week. It’s been a little busy over here, but I wanted to stop in and share a few fun photos from the set of Food Network’s Chopped, where my coworkers and I spent the afternoon yesterday playing contestants (and later, judges) and snacking on some treats from the incredible Food Network test kitchens. While it’s not always this thrilling, days like this have made life back in the 9-5 grind much more fun. Hopefully you can treat yo’self to a little something this afternoon to make the week go by faster!