Halloween photo finish

Lumberjack photo finish e1414758439297 Halloween photo finish

Log cabin image via

Happy Halloween!! What a great holiday – that is just full of fun and candy. I’m terrified of scary movies so I tend to avoid those… the one horror film I saw in theaters I was basically sitting on my friends lap crying by the end. But for those who are into that stuff, please enjoy.

I had about 1000 ideas of what to be for Halloween. Next year Jess and I are going as this and I cannot wait, but for this year I was not able to be decisive at all. I bought a surgeon costume for really cheap and only tried it on last night – to realize it didn’t fit even a little bit. The pants were so big they didn’t stay up at all so at around 11 last night I had to come up with a plan B.

Luckily I actually happened to own pretty much everything to be a lumberjack (apparently I’m really into plaid) so it was great to just throw everything together. We had to wear costumes at work today so totally work appropriate and fairly easy to wear around the office. Check out my costume office selfie :)

Tonight I plan on being a zombie lumberjack (one of the copywriters here suggested – slumberjack you know like a sleeping zombie) and I can’t wait to throw on loads of make-up and fake blood.

Some of the items are totally easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe (apparently really easy since I didn’t have to buy a thing, just had to make an axe with tin foil) so here’s where you can shop the look:

Plaid top / Trapper hat / Jeans / Stanley flask / Suspenders / Boots / Red vest

So whatever you’re doing tonight, whether that’s sitting home waiting for trick or treaters to come by, or heading out to a party with a fabulous costume, enjoy yourselves and have fun!

Auto-Tune is soooo 2013

Looking for some fun music-slash-ready to have your mind completely blown? As a part of NPR’s tiny desk concert series, T-Pain (known for such pieces of musical genius as Buy U a Drank) cast aside the Auto-Tune and performed a few of his songs with only the help of a keyboard. The result? Ah-mazing. Truth be told, if the lyrics didn’t sound so silly sung this way–I told Lucy it kind of reminds me of Jimmy Fallon’s endlessly entertaining Ragtime Gals–I would’ve guessed someone like John Legend was crooning to me.

I’m now off to spend the day listening to the rest of these tiny desk concerts!

We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

We love Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

Sometimes do you get emails but have no idea how you signed up to them? I feel like it happens to me a lot, maybe that’s because I work in marketing so I sign-up for every type of communication from a company if I like them, but more often than not – you kinda get annoyed with emails. I’d been getting a few emails from something called Scout Mob and wasn’t sure how I started getting them but I’d never clicked into it… until recently. Jess even blogged about ScoutMob last week in this fabulous gift round-up here.

It was such a cute round-up of “inspired goods by independent makers” and after I clicked through a few links I was totally surprised by how cute and unique some of the products were. Each little ‘shoppe’ features a maker of a certain good, and each one is cuter then the next.

Down the rabbit hole for about an hour later, I’ve picked a few of my favorites I just had to share with you. Such great gift ideas for Christmas also!

The Cookie Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

Everything from the Salt of the Earth bakery in Brooklyn looks incredible. How great of a gift would these cookies be?

Rose Gold Stacking Ring Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

Pretty much every item in this Hammered Handmade collection I would love to have. This rose gold stacking ring, especially.

Great guy gift ideas Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

If you have a very stylish man in your life, the collection from QP in Utah is a wonderful place for some great gift ideas.

Great ceramic gift ideas Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

This collection from Avenue Blue features hand-painted ceramic goods from “mug doodler” Beth. The custom wedding mugs are adorable.

Custom Wedding Tea Towel invitations Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

While we’re talking about weddings, the above is a custom tea towel wedding invite... how unique!

New York to Nashville goods Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

I’m really excited about this maker, New York to Nashville, because her products are just gorgeous. Besides this perfect scarf above, she has lovely pieces for the dapper dressed man in your life… makes me think of guys I know from South Carolina, in a great way.

Christmas Greeting Set Scout Mob We love: Shoppe by Scout Mob

And finally if you’re brain is on the Christmas track (the ads are everywhere already here in Ireland!) there’s some great pieces in the holiday collection.

Instagram, lately

Does Instagram ever get old? For me, the answer is most definitely not. I feel like I’m always finding new folks to follow or learning fun, interesting things about the brands, people and websites I already do follow. Steady pictures of puppies and gorgeous shots from around the world certainly don’t hurt, either. Here are 5 accounts I’m crushing on lately (click on the photo to be taken directly to the account):

fall instagram1 Instagram, lately

{A brilliant Brazilian artist and his adorable Bull Terrier, Jimmy Choo}

fall instagram2 Instagram, lately

{The most incredible animal, landscape and travel photos I’ve ever seen. Talk about wanderlust.}

fall instagram3 Instagram, lately

{The pictures and people featured on Humans of New York always find a way to move me.}

fall instagram4 Instagram, lately

{This Australian photographer makes me wonder why I didn’t stay there forever each and every day.}

fall instagram5 Instagram, lately

{Madewell’s Instagram is the perfect blend of scenery and clothes, no?}

Who are you guys following lately? Any new accounts out there worth checking out?

Weekend Rewind

Halloween pumpkin I love I need Weekend Rewind

Hi guys, yesterday was a public holiday here in Ireland so our offices were closed (hurray!) and we took the opportunity to head west and go to Galway for the long weekend. The weather was awful with gale warnings and tons of rain, but that was okay because we really didn’t do too much other than shop for Halloween costumes. I’m hoping next time in Galway for the wonderful Christmas market, we have a little nicer weather.

I didn’t take a single picture in Galway because really, who needs to see more pictures of rain. But I do have a few lovely pictures of gorgeous weather in Dublin from last week to share below.

We’ve been trying to incorporate as much Halloween/fall activities as possible recently as it’s getting dark SO early. Like 4pm early. We carved pumpkins (as seen above) and watched Hocus Pocus, which is totally getting me into the spirit of things, even though I’ve been unsuccessful in some. We tried to make our own apple cider, but completely failed. I came home to an exploded jug of cider – and our house still smells boozy five days later. I’m sure our neighbors think we are crazy.

Have you guys made any successful fall treats? On Friday we’re heading to a Halloween party and are thinking of making these jello shots, but with our luck recently I’ll have a jello mess all over the kitchen :) I also love this candy tray from the girls at Beautiful Mess.

Dublin sky I love I need Weekend Rewind

Dublin in the autumn I love I need Weekend Rewind

Time to get cozy

fall 2014 cozy iloveineed Time to get cozy

candle | mug | blanket | sweatshirt | slippers | leggings

It is very quickly becoming that time of year again … the time where I can spend Saturday nights at home (or in the homes of friends) in some comfy clothes with a mug of something in hand–tea or a bourbon and ginger depending on the mood–to keep me warm throughout the cooler months with no judgements whatsoever.

I spent the better part of Saturday evening watching the Penn State game with bated breath under this ridiculously cozy Target blanket at Siobhan’s new Philly apartment and, despite the loss, couldn’t have been happier to spend a night in. The Anthropologie candle and Fishs Eddy mug are staples in my pad around winter and I certainly wouldn’t kick the rest of this snuggly gear off the couch either. I have a feeling that, if last year’s polar vortex truly rears its ugly head again in 2K15, I’ll be in some version of this slipper/sock, leggings and sweatshirt combo from December through April. Or I may have to head to Hawaii and not return till spring :)