The Sweetest Dog Prints

dog-best-friendToday let’s talk about dog prints because it’s no secret around here that Jess and I are huge dog lovers. Do you have a dog? Show us pictures of the dog! We really don’t mind. We’re absolutely like this story… we want all of the dogs.

When Jess emailed me this site, Go Find Momo, I knew I just had to share. The site features limited edition prints of Momo the Border Collie and there’s only 50 of each. Each one is sweeter than the last and we’ve picked out some of our favorites below.








Looking for other art prints? Check out the links below:

Coffee artwork


Happy Friday, friends. While browsing the web this week I spotted this coffee artwork series by Giulia Bernardelli on Honestly WTF and they made me totally happy. As I’m a huge lover of both coffee and art I thought this would be great to share, giving you a little caffeine boost for your Friday. What gorgeous artwork!

Have a wonderful weekend! x Lucy








Summer vibes playlist

Summer vibes from lucyremitz on 8tracks Radio.


While you’re sipping on your summertime drinks, I figured it was about time I pulled together a summer vibes playlist to get your party (or just a random Tuesday) going. Here’s the link to listen on 8tracks or you can just click play in the image above.


P.S. my summer weekend playlist from last year is another one to listen to while you’re kicking back and relaxing all cool, even if you’re not shooting b-ball outside of the school.

8 links for a better happy hour


With summer in full swing Jess and I are spending as much time as we can together while I’m home for a couple weeks this summer. So sorry for the radio silence around these parts, but we’ve just been having way too much fun.

But I’ve seen some wonderful happy hour recipes around the web lately, so I thought I’d round up my top 8 links to share with you to elevate your next happy hour.

  1. 3 fun twists on the Moscow mule (an ILIN fave) from A Beautiful Mess
  2. nectarine gin fizz from Annie’s Eats
  3. classic mint julep from Joy the Baker
  4. two classic sangrias from Smitten Kitchen
  5. green tea peach bellini (Jess, this one’s for you) from My Name is Yeh
  6. ginger lemonade collins from A Better Happier
  7. 3 interesting margaritas from The Kitchy Kitchen
  8. gin and grapefruit cocktail from Tara Hurst

Looking for more? Last summer I talked about my perfect summer party and had a couple ideas for drinks + a great summer menu.

Link love


Hi friends! Happy Tuesday. This week is tricking by as I am just counting down the days ’til I’m back stateside. A week from tomorrow I fly out and I’ll be around the New England parts for almost a month. Happy days, good times, all that stuff. I just cannot wait! In the meantime though, let me share what’s making me smile around the interwebs as of late.


We love: April and the Bear prints

I Don't Know What I Want print

Today we’re going to talk about some very simple illustration artwork pieces. If I had some more space, I think I would love to take a room in our (tiny) apartment and make it into a massive gallery wall. There’s just too many prints in the world that I love and want in my life. Considering I cannot actually cover my place in prints, I’ll just have to share them with you all for the time being, until I get a little more space for my favorite type of decor.

Now for the latest find on art prints, let’s talk about Irish home shop April and the Bear. I came across these through Facebook and looking through their art prints I pretty much wanted every one. So I obviously had to share. I tried reducing down to just my favorites, which I’ll admit was tough, but don’t these make you happy?

Without Dreams print

Checkmate print

You Look so Thin print

Bob the Bear print

Indecision is my Superpower print

The Lighthouse print

Prints: I don’t know what I want / without dreams / checkmate / you look so thin today / bob the bear / indecision is my superpower / the lighthouse